Have a Spring in Your Step - Things to do to get your home Spring and Summer ready

Evan Smeenge  |  April 26, 2022


Have a Spring in Your Step - Things to do to get your home Spring and Summer ready

There is something to be said about the changing seasons and how that can change your entire mood. Going from the Winter Blues into the sunny and beautiful spring and summer weather can be refreshing. To invite this new season in and prepare your home best for spring, you can try some of our tips below to transform your home and its energy.


  1. Spring Cleaning

An old but trusted trick is completely cleaning out everything at the change of season. Whether that will mean just tidying up or fully decluttering your space will be up to you. Regardless of the extent of your spring cleaning, there is something great about getting your space ready. It acts as a type of ritual, as you will make space both within your home and yourself for all the good that spring and summer will bring you.

  1. Change Scents

If you are a lover of candles or incense, you may want to consider using different scents in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. As much as you might love more wintery scents like those of wood or gingerbread, they simply do not feel right in hot weather, so why not spice it up? Find your perfect lighter floral scents for spring and start introducing them to different areas of your home. This will transform the way you experience your home.

  1. Start a small spring garden

Perhaps a garden is not always possible but plant something, anything, even if it is just a cherry tomato plant in a pot by your window. There is something magical about seeing something grow and blossom, and if there is one time of year when you should consider getting into gardening, it is this one. Depending on your home and the level of commitment you want to make you can even start a proper garden or a plant tower. Long gone are the days when growing things was just for those with a garden, simply begin your journey with only a couple of pots.

  1. Change up the Décor

Nothing screams spring and summer quite like having a different set of linens and decorative items on display. Changing just a few small items up to mark the passing of the seasons can actually help you get into a better mood, and it can help you from feeling like your home is getting boring. The changes don’t have to be big, new linens in your bedroom, kitchen towels or even placemats on your table. These subtle things can transform and add an element of newness to how you are experiencing your home.

  1. Clean all of your Windows

The time for warm sun is finally here, and you don’t want to miss out on it by having dusty, or dirty windows. As part of your spring-cleaning project make sure to include this essential part of your home. Just a few minutes and the amount of light you can have in your home will immediately increase. So, why not just embrace the switch in weather and invite it all into your home?

  1. AC maintenance

Depending on how much you have been using your AC, you might want to consider getting it checked out and maintained. A well-maintained AC will be more efficient and thus cheaper to run in the long run. Especially on those extremely hot days of summer having it properly maintained will be a game-changer. Your home will remain cooler and more enjoyable to be in with a properly functioning AC.



Welcoming spring and summer is all about making the space necessary in your home. From cleaning your home to maintaining your AC, these simple tasks can be transformational and can help shape the way you are experiencing the changing seasons. Now is the perfect time for you to make changes, spruce up your décor, and incorporate new scents that will allow you to better immerse yourself in the new season.


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