Social Media and Real Estate

Evan Smeenge  |  February 8, 2022

Social Media and Real Estate

Is it just us, or do you feel like every real estate agent and their mother is making TikToks and Instagrams on why you SHOULD sell and why you SHOULD buy in this market? Well, we think that’s a disservice. In our opinion, there are very specific reasons why you should sell and why you should buy, and there are very specific reasons why you shouldn’t sell and why you shouldn’t buy in this market. You shouldn’t buy: 

   • If you’re expecting to get a deal.

   • If you find a lot of homes that you love

   • If you're bad at making rushed decisions

   • If you have to sell in order to buy the next home.

You shouldn’t sell: 

   • If you don’t want a ton of people in your house

   • If you’re nervous about covid

   • If you’re any of the buyers we previously mentioned.

You may be asking yourself why we’re discouraging you from buying or selling? We want you to be well aware of how tough the market is, no matter if you’re on the sell side or buy side. The impossible inventory crisis proves difficult for the most experienced of buyers and sellers. However, there is a glimmer of hope for some portions of this population.

There are two main groups of people, and we apologize, because you may not fit into one of these groups at the moment. If you’re a first time buyer that can take the time to find something, you should purchase a home. And if you’re a seller that can buy before selling and you can hold your house for a maximum of 6 months (unlikely to take 6 months), you should sell.

So don’t let TikTok or Instagram tell you to sell because you’ll get $100,000 over ask. And on other side, don’t let them tell you to buy because interest rates are so low, but they’re rising (OH NO!!)

We’re not telling you to necessarily work with The Smeenge Group, but we will always give you our honest analysis of any situation you find yourself in when it comes to real estate. 


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